​​5. Boxer Offices in Houston

Okay so we may be a bit biased on this last one, but how could we not feature the amazing office that we call home? They recently renovated the space to include co-working spaces as well as individual office suits. In-between buildings are these beautiful gardens we call our "tranquility garden."

The designers were able to conceptualize a space that underscores Spreetail’s company values, reinforced through consistent branding and clever design elements that both accentuate the space and enhance the day-to-day employee experience. Preserving as much of the existing building shell as possible, the firm designed an office that successfully melds the structure’s old charm with today’s modern workplace amenities.

1. Hana Coworking Offices in Dallas, TX
Hana’s first location in Downtown Dallas consists of 2.5 floors of private team suites, meeting rooms, shared workspaces and lounges, all designed to give maximum flexibility and customization to its members. Every detail was thoughtfully crafted to meet Hana’s brand and hospitality vision as well as to create an inspiring and comfortable environment to work in.

Hospitality-focused design features create a mature, refined aesthetic with an industrial exposed ceiling, timeless wood details, and a neutral material and color palette that creates a sense of lightness and expansiveness. The resulting space balances both cozy and modern design for a canvas that allows SXSW to showcase their culture, mission, and personality.

3. KHOU Offices in Houston, TX
KHOU’s transition to a new facility in Houston parallels its transition to a new type of media company – one that is prepared to lead news reporting in an age when the news cycle never ends. The approachable, yet savvy design of its new offices and studios – complete with strategic go-live opportunities throughout – allows KHOU to be a true multi-media outlet that relays news in real time, any time.

2. Spreetail Offices in Austin, TX

Spreetail is committed to fostering a work environment that celebrates what makes its organization great—its people. Spanning three levels, the Spreetail office features bold and branded design highlights complemented by a host of state-of-the-art amenities.​​

The design focuses heavily on accommodating the needs of all tenants, featuring bright colors for an instant mood boost, an overwhelming amount of natural light, and some modern elements taken from industrial design styles, including our personal favorite: "garage door style" floor-to-ceiling windows. They even have a small dog park on the property that really makes it an easy place to call our home away from home.

office design we love

Although entirely new, their home base incorporates a very important artifact from the past: KHOU’s landmark marquee call letters. These large, red letters that adorned the former studio tower for over half a century were reborn and given a new life by being installed along the ceiling near the second-floor elevator lobby as an inspiring brand moment for those coming in or out each day.

The finish palette features fresh soothing colors, warm natural tones, textural tailored fabrics, local art, and organic graphic wall-coverings. Plants thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the common areas are intended to not only make the space look aesthetically pleasing, but also boost productivity.

​​4. SXSW Headquarters in Austin, TX

As they approached 250 employees dispersed over multiple locations in Austin, SXSW sought a headquarters where they could bring their staff together in a space that represented the company’s core values. It was designed to reflect their commitment to innovation, creative thinking, and sustainability. 

Design plays such an important role in business. Everything from the way your website looks, to the branding of your company, to your office space design is imperative for a great first impression of who you are and what you represent. As through and through Texans, we take pride in the fact that many of our major cities are huge business hubs with amazing office spaces worth acknowledging. Here are some of our favorites in 2020​​