3. It’s all in the details.
What truly sets a designer apart from decor hobbyists is the critical thinking that goes into every detail in a room, no matter how small. Everything from the color of the candles to the way they’re arranged can really make a difference in your space.

4. Set the mood.
Embrace the ambiance of Halloween with the perfect lighting. Candles, fairy lights, jack o'lanterns, fireplaces, and salt lamps are all perfect examples of mood lighting for this time of year.

5. Don’t feel tied to orange and black.

Traditional Halloween colors are overrated. Jazz things up and go for a more stylish color palette, like black and silver, or add pops of green or purple. Want something a little more natural? How about cream colored pumpkins and fall flowers? Don't forget Dia De Los Muertos. We've been loving sugar skulls and all the bright beautiful colors! With Halloween, the possibilities are endless!

2. Make a special feature.
Decorating your entire house can feel daunting, so one thing we recommend is honing in on one or two rooms and using one area to really make a statement. This can be a gallery wall with vintage photographs, a decked out mantle, or anything you can think of!

A Designers Guide To Halloween Decor

How many seasonal Halloween stores have you seen pop up in your area this year? 5? 10? More!? It seems like they’re everywhere! They’d like you to believe that Halloween is all about making the scariest house on the block, but for design savvy folks like us, Halloween is about finding the perfect balance between glamour, goth, and drama. Looking to take your decor from BOO to OOO? We’ve got you covered.

1. Pick a theme.
Whether it’s witches, vampires, zombies, or ghosts, having a cohesive theme with your decor will really help tie the entire space together. A surefire theme we like to stick to is Gothic. Black candelabras and elegant feature mirrors are a staple to really take your decor to the next level.