Here at Brannan Designs, we embraced the idea of telecommuting a long time ago. Our team works remotely; not just to avoid the horrendous Houston traffic we all experience every time we try to go even just to the market, but also because it’s our way of contributing to a greener society. Save on gas, no more traffic stress, etc. etc.

Now that most people are working from home to keep themselves and others safe, we thought it was time to share the tips we use as designers to make the most of our office space in a remote environment.

4. Keep it Minimal.
Some wise guy on the internet once said, “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind.” We definitely agree. The surface of your desk should be mostly cleared so that every item has an actual functional purpose.

5. Let there be LIGHT!

Get headaches and find yourself rubbing your eyes in that 2PM slump? There’s a lamp for that. Relying on overhead lighting can cause some serious strain. Having a dedicated light source can save yourself a world of pain -- literally!

3. Add some greenery.
There’s tons of benefits to using plants in a space; they’re natural air filters, mood enhancers, and can (you guessed it) increase productivity! Try to find some plants that are easy to take care of, like succulents and airplants. If you’ve got a black thumb, even fake plants are a good way to add a pop of color into your space.

7 Design Tips To Make The Most of Working From Home

6. Out of sight, out of mind.

Square footage is a commodity these days, so using space efficiently is a must. You won’t be able to get much work done with stacks of paper all over your desk and a pile of books on the floor. Floating shelves, vertical file folders, baskets, bookshelves, and storage cubes are all great examples of how to maximize space without losing anything important. Find storage that meets your unique needs based on how you like to organize your things.

7. Inspire yourself!

Make a space that motivates you to create and/or get work done like a pro. It can be a few cherished knickknacks, maybe a favorite piece of art, a special photo, or anything really that can help you channel your inner muse!

1. Location is EVERYTHING.
Squishing a tiny desk into a windowless closet to “save space” in a rarely used room is not ideal. Instead, opt for finding a room with a lot of natural light, preferably facing a window. With all that light, you’ll feel less cooped up and get some much needed Vitamin-D. Not to mention, studies have shown that being able to see nature, whether it’s trees, flowers, or just the sky, can boost morale and productivity levels by at least 20%!

2. Invest in a great chair.
You spend hours parked in your office chair, so you might as well make it a beautiful, ergonomically functional, and comfortable seat that is worth every single penny.